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Create products that stand the test of time with our locally grown and sustainably farmed hemp and wool.

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We have a range of industry-specific natural solutions, such as:
Long-lasting carpet yarn
Long-lasting carpet yarn

Sustainable interior design is here to stay. With air quality management, moisture regulation and pest-resistant qualities, hemp wool yarn is the future of flooring.

Levelled-up construction
Levelled-up construction

Build warmer and more energy-efficient homes by introducing easy-to-install hemp wool insulation or try your hand with a hempcrete system using our hemp hurd.

Carbon-friendly materials
Carbon-friendly materials

Lower your carbon footprint by simply substituting your existing materials with our renewable and biodegradable alternatives.

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Where it all started

At the centre of our natural fibre journey has always been our passion for New Zealand farming, and the quality local materials we create, manufacture and distribute. With decades of history in farming, farm machinery and manufacturing Rubisco is designed to be a fully vertical to utilise all of that expertise. 

Sustainable farming is the solution to a brighter, more eco-friendly future for forward-thinking businesses and their customers. Everything you need to make this essential change can be grown by us in Aotearoa’s fertile and hardy backyard.

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Eco-friendly success stories

We’re proud to have supported so many businesses on their journey to switch to natural materials.
The Te Ahu a Turanga Manawatu Tararua Highway project is proud to be using the wool/hemp geotextile fabric for our wetlands and treatment swales throughout the project. This product ticks a lot of boxes for the project, sustainably produced from local materials, manufactured right here in New Zealand and offers high performance as a geotextile for our landscape applications compared to the alternative options
Paul Heaton
Fulton Hogan
Verdure are really excited to be working with and surfing boards made from materials that are grown right here in NZ, the fabrics we are working with from Rubisco are amazing and a game changer for bio-composites
Jack Candlish
The world is waking up to how bad oil is and the synthetic materials made from it. Natural Fibres are the solution and at Mons Royale we see the combination of merino and hemp as a big opportunity in the bike-outdoor market
Hamish Acland
Mons Royale
Prestige Carpets is thrilled to be involved at the inception of this exciting new programme being developed by Rubisco. We are looking forward to creating new and unique carpet styles and textures by blending the hemp with NZ wool. Furthering our vision of natural, renewable, and sustainable fibres, the inclusion of hemp will be a wonderful addition to our Prestige Portfolio, and we can’t wait to launch our exclusive new products to the high end Australian and New Zealand flooring markets
Paul McGinty
Prestige Carpets
Business jet designers are constantly on a quest for NEW. Something outside the box without compromising quality and performance. we are waiting with baited breathe for the launch of NZ hemp/wool yarn. A raw material that will amplify our eco-friendly, sustainable offerings to the aviation. The world is calling for products that do not harm our environment creating a demand for innovative raw materials
Judy Connolly

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