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The sustainable materials company

We're the only independent manufacturing facility of our kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Founded by a group of passionate growers and processing engineers, we're here to demonstrate that farming is the solution, not the problem.

Our focus is on cultivating natural fibres through annual harvests and transforming them into highly valuable and scalable material solutions. We firmly believe in switching to better, cleaner, renewable fibres for a brighter future.

Our story

Our story begins in 2014, with the acquisition of NZ Yarn by Carrfields Primary Wools. At this time, NZ Yarn expanded its strategy and transitioned to value-added manufacturing, creating bespoke wool-based products for a range of leading international brands.

Around this time, Hemp New Zealand (a Draper and Jordan company) was established to explore the health benefits of hemp and possibilities for its use in construction.

In 2018, NZ Yarn and Hemp New Zealand joined forces, combining their shared interests and expertise in natural fibres to establish New Zealand Natural Fibres. Originally focused on wool, New Zealand Natural Fibres expanded its scope to include various natural fibres, offering a diverse range of products and market opportunities. In 2023, New Zealand Natural Fibres became what is known today as Rubisco, which is also the common abbreviation of the enzyme involved in the first step of carbon fixation. This brand better aligns with our mission to make a positive impact and pursue global ambitions.

Our philosophy

We firmly believe in switching to stronger, cleaner, and renewable fibres for a brighter future.
Farming is the solution

Sustainable farming holds the key to a brighter and more eco-friendly future, not only for forward-thinking businesses but also for their clients. We firmly believe that farming is the solution to decarbonising our future, as it enables us to create everything we need naturally, harnessing the power of what we can grow.

Inspiring a sustainable switch

Our vision is to inspire and accelerate the transition towards sustainable materials and decarbonisation, ultimately leading to a better way of living. We want to ignite change and encourage forward-thinking businesses to embrace a new, conscious approach. Together, we can reshape industries by mastering whole plant utilisation.

Expert knowledge

As seasoned textile specialists, we possess an extensive knowledge of our products and the industry as a whole. With decades of expertise in agriscience, farm systems, and textile processing, we are well-equipped to deliver innovative solutions that empower your business.

Vertically integrated supply chain

Our vertically integrated supply chain spans from seed genetics and on-farm cultivation to finished solutions. By harnessing the unique benefits of natural materials from our annual harvest, we can develop low-carbon material technologies that don't sacrifice performance or compromise the planet.

Meet the leading team of innovators behind Rubisco

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Guy Wills


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Scott Parker


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Colin McKenzie

Global Innovation and Partnerships

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Ryan Cosgrove


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Travis Ryan-Salter

Senior Research Officer

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